Current Legislation

Failure to comply with current legislation could result in a £20,000 fine and a prison sentence of up to two years.
What better reason to call Air Quality Limited ?

In accordance with the latest BSI BS529=2005 and COSHH EN12021=2014 legislation, breathing air must comply with the following restrictions:


Air line temperature Recomended between 15-22°C.
Percentage of Oxygen  Between 17-24%.
Carbon Monoxide Must not exceed 5 ppm.
Carbon Dioxide Must not exceed 500 ppm.
Oil Mist Maximum to be 0.5mg/m3
Odours Breathing air should be odour free.
Water Vapour Maximum to be 85% RH.
This is a pressure dew point that is sufficiently low to prevent freezing. Where the apparatus is stored or used, the temperature should be at least 11°C below the lowest likely temperature.
Water Liquid No free liquid water should be present.
Volume of air At test point, this must not be less than 120 litres per minute.


Current Legislation also states that...

* All systems are to be fitted with an alarm to alert the Supervisor or User of a failure to the air supply.

* All compressed air used for breathing air or within the food and beverage production environment, it is vitally important for health and safety.

*Where it is on standby for use in an emergency evacuation of buildings or an area within buildings, it has to have a current certificate at all times.

* Test Certificates must be kept for a minimum of five years and in certain cases for up to forty years.

Ensuring that your air supply complies with the above legislation could improve the productivity of your business, since an excess of Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide in the air causes lethargy.