Honeywell Style Air Fed Half Mask Kit DV0006

Air fed half mask kit complete with waist belt, goggles, spray gun air hose and fabric balaclava. Half mask comprises face piece, harness, exhalation valves, air hose and cotton rimlet. Key Features Provides flexibility of use. Supplied complete with protective goggles. Waist belts includes a secondary outlet and a 1.2m accessory hose is supplied where the operator must use a single air hose to supply both the respirator and a compressed air tool or spray gun. The waist belt/regulator unit ensures that the flow of air to the half mask face piece is consistent, irrespective of the air being drawn off by triggering a compressed air tool or spray gun. Is a flexible device - it can be used under protective face shields with acetate visors where chemial splash can be a problem or under face shields with polycarbonate visors where there is a risk of impact from high speed particles. Can be used under welding shields to give high levels of protection in the metalworking industry.