Honeywell Style Airvisor 2 MV Chemical Kit DV0023E

Complete with acetate chemical resistant visor, one fabric face seal cassette, two disposable visor covers, head/neck cover, storage bag, waist belt complete (DAVW-1003E) includes integral low flow warning device, tested and certified to EN14594: 2005 Class 4A. Key features Fabric head and neck cover. Warning whistle: operates when the supply pressure is insufficient to guarantee the user's safety. Inlet connector for air from the factory air system. For applications exposed to chemicals. Disposable visor covers to maintain optimum levels of vision. The anti-static coating minimises the attraction of dust from the working environment and provides resistance against solvents. Silicone-free, thereby eliminating the risk of damage to the paint finish from poor retention and adhesion. Contains an internal carbon filter to removes any odours from the factory airline system, and ensures pleasant working conditions. Specially for use where the operator must use a seperate air hose to supply the respirator and the auxilliary air tool or spray gun. In this case the waist belt unit ensures that the air flow to the visor is consistent, irrespective of pressure fluctuations in the factory airline system, therefore ensuring that sufficient air reahes the user. Suitable for use in the chemical industry, handling & production of chemicals and by-products, automotive & aerospace industries where single hose operations are not appropriate, furniture manufacturing industry and the general chemical industry where the respirator is intended without any auxillliary air tool or spray gun connected to it. Approved to EN14594:2005 class 4A with an Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of 40 (must be used with approved Bluelines hoses to maintain certification).